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  • Licensed Bathroom fan installation contractors

    Bathroom Exhaust Fan problem solving solutions - From a Light bulb to any large installation,our licensed electricians in Melbourne can provide electrical services for your Home and Office, we can supply the latest bathroom exhaust fans and energy saving products to help conserve energy without any compromise. Have a Bathroom exhaust fan installed buy one of our qualified electricians, choosing the right fan size and fan to suit your installation.

  • Our Bathroom fans installation Service

    Bathroom exhaust fans need to be chosen carefully and deciding where to install them can be tricky too. There are many installation methods and considerations to installing your bathroom fan. If not chosen properly there will be years of regret and repainting of bathroom ceilings when there are simple steps that can be taken to avoid a build up of moist air, mold and smells.

    The size and position of your bathroom fan will be ultimatly determaind by the bathroom size itself. If you have the luxury of a large bathroom then you will have move choice in positioning and exhaust fan models to choose from. If you live in an apartment then your choice of exhaust fans may be limited due to the size of the bathroom. contact United Electrical Services for your bathroom consultation today.

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