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  • Exhaust fan draft stopper

    A simple and easy affordable method to minimize standard exhaust fans ceiling mount, from permitting warm air out or cold air in. A cleaver idea is called the draft stopper, the draft stopper fits over standard 200mm (8″) and 250 mm (10″) exhaust fans. They need to be installed in the ceiling space and need some clearance above the exhaust fan to be installed properly.


    The draft stopper consists a pair of balanced shutters that open whenever the exhaust fan is switched on and closers by itself under their own weight when the fan is switched off. The Draft Stopper application is to decrease energy costs by stopping hot or cold air from entering or getting out of the room the fan is installed via the hole in the ceiling for the exhaust fan. It’s an cost effective application to install a draft proofing system for your home or business.

    Produced completely from recyclable, fire retardant materials, the Draft Stopper is simple to install with the right ceiling space access, needs no servicing and can be installed over most standard exhaust fans in new homes as well as being retro-fitted into established homes.

    draft stopper diagramdraft stopper open draft stopper closed
    Draft Stopper

    Stops hot or cold air penetrating from the roof cavity, Prevents polluted air or cooking smells from entering into other parts of the home or workplace, Exceeds the Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria ‘First Rate’ energy rating performance level requirements for a totally self-sealing exhaust fan, Is economically priced and adapts to most major ceiling exhaust fans, Is simple to install and opens and closes effortlessly without loading-up your ceiling exhaust fan motor, Is fully recyclable Draft Stopper will minimize your heating and cooling costs by preventing unnecessary air venturing through your ceiling exhaust fan when it is not used.

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